Tracking Identity on the Supply Chain

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    Supply chain is a complex ecosystem with many participants, that may include governments, transnational companies, brokers and other middlemen, and local farms, factories, and other suppliers. Another reason supply chain is complex is because it cuts across borders, and must adhere to laws and regulations in multiple jurisdictions: global, national, and local.

    This report researched the supply chain through the lens of digital identity for tracking and auditing.

    This 60 page, graphic heavy, Sensors, Identifiers, & Digital Twins: Tracking Identity on the Supply Chain explains the mechanics and limitations of how digital identity is bound to a physical object today, and how the data associated with the physical item is collected, shared, and accessed as the object moves through the supply chain.


    This research was funded by DHS Science and Technology Cybersecurity directorate. It was conducted by The Purple Tornado, with Heather Vescent as the Principal Investigator.