Securing our Voter Data Systems

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    Voting is every U.S. citizen’s right. Elections have high stakes, and there’s no second chance if something goes wrong. The security of voter rolls has come under increased scrutiny due to irregularities in the 2016 and 2018 elections. There are 56 voting systems that hold elections in the United States, D.C., and 5 Territories, and there is no consistent set of security practices or technology used.


    This research set out to understand the current state of voter rolls and the data that is collected, updated, stored, and accessed by various government entities.


    This 35 page graphic heavy report, Securing Voter Data Systems, explains the current state, identifies voter data vulnerabilities, and outlines an agenda for resilience.


    This research was funded by DHS Science and Technology Cybersecurity directorate. It was conducted by The Purple Tornado, with Heather Vescent as the Principal Investigator.